Marketing Success: The Little-Big Things You Should Nail!

Your Marketing Decisions are Based on…(You have 10 seconds…)

This is a question we like to ask our clients during our initial discovery meeting to get a sense for the core marketing ideology within the company culture-in its raw form.  The items they come up with are then listed on a white board and remain up and visible throughout the discovery meetings (We use this list for many activities throughout the discovery process which we will not discuss here in this article).

By approaching it this way, many of our clients say this helps them to change gears and adjust their mindset to think and focus in terms of reality which naturally leads into discussion (usually) into a “what do we really stand for and believe…really” self-appraisal. Why does this help?

See the Stephen Covey example of “Is the Jar Full” for further enlightenment.

It is because we want the big rocks on the table first and we like for the discovery process to naturally sprout and grow.

There are several things that are important and directly attributable to successful marketing; this blog-series will discuss 15 little-big things that you might want to consider to authentically improve your marketing.

At first blush, most of these will seem obvious but interestingly enough we have found that the responses  hold clues to the genuine philosophy and general attitude (good or bad) of the company. Which is why we will start with “passion”.

PASSION: Although we understand this as an intense devotion or feeling towards something, a hobby or someone… we think it is a good idea to discuss together with the company leadership and also in terms that reflect who and what your company really cares about.

observation: We often see team building events creep into discussion of revenue, profits, bottom lines or in other words money. Surprise! We suggest a more holistic approach to the conversation.  If you have trouble, then chances are this is going to be pretty important for your business to practice looking past the numbers.

Ask yourself…how do you really want to positively impact your community. How will you contribute to your world, to your country. What and who do you care about…really.

Discovering your passion is vital, for it is a key to grounding your corporate philosophy and we believe companies that come to this realization will have a distinct motivational advantage over their competition. Stay tuned…for the next little-big thing you should nail!


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