Smart Phone Domination!

So I was tweeting on my IPhone yesterday while attending a conference and was thinking about how my connect-to-the-world has evolved over the last year. 5 years ago- When I was a road warrior, if I needed to engage my online relationships I would pull off the highway and look for the nearest Starbuck’s to break out my laptop. Not so much anymore, most of what I used to do can now easily be done from my phone. Once technology perfects the voice to text software I will need my PC even less. Needless to say, my Starbuck’s interaction will not diminish- perhaps return to its social-coffee origins.

Once we get past the ohhh-ahhh stages of technology breakthroughs, it’s funny (not funny ha-ha), but funny to observe how device practicality and functionality must significantly improve to balance our changing need for on-demand whatever. The thing is…I am not always distinguishing completely my “wants” from my “needs” now that my Smartphone has bridged the connectivity gap I once had.  It will be interesting to see how marketers respond to the next generation of behavioral software applications in the Smartphone market place.


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