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Social marketing is all the rage but from where I sit, many companies have yet to really grasp the concept of “consumer powered” which will mean a shift in mindset and there is always room for improvement there. I think companies are still way too focused on the marketing toolbox aspect instead of the nature of courting the relationship piece and therefore have failed to see the beauty of it’s true potential. Until then, it will be difficult to harness its power.

Another misconception is the amount of “friends list” someone might have on a social network- social media peeps with lots of friends does not an influencer make, it just may mean they have spent a lot of time in that social circle. With that said it is important for a company to engage “real” conversation (read: do not press release or advertise) in order to discover who the thought leaders and the influencers are in your midst. Despite this drawback, many companies are revving up their ad-spend engines in social marketing. If you’re going to do it…do it right!


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