Lady Gaga-coming to a Twitter post near you!

Lady GaGa performing

Image via Wikipedia

Like her…or not, Lady Gaga’s image team has done a great job of branding the star who appears to be headed for icon status. Controversial songs, lyrics, and attire are a key ingredient in fueling a social media spotlight in this marketers mind and no doubt, she will easily surpass the “less busy these days” Britney Spears comeback entourage. Lady Gaga’s persona and eccentricities aside…she is a gifted singer and I find myself playing an air instrument when I hear her music on XM.

If you aren’t a “Poppy-music” type of listener, check out this piano piece she performed at an NYU talent show under her real name Stephanie Germanotta.

My skepticism was laid to rest fairly quickly and in my opinion is more akin in vocal talent to the sultry resonant sound of Norah Jones as opposed to tween-voice sound of Britney Spears.

Tweet away Ms. Germanotta!


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