Change where it Counts!

I was once again reminded that not all managers have been paying attention to the consumer empowered world taking shape around them nor was there any evidence that this particular company’s management has evolved despite the fact their business is among the ranks of the sponsored listings genre. In a word, their product allows you to achieve higher visibility and in turn, the idea is of course, more qualified traffic for people searching out your business.

The lack of relationship skills was so LOUD, I wanted to stop the conversation and talk to them about my observations and it was extremely difficult for me to envision being a customer…not good. Many company’s are doing a great job and really get it…this company in particular has its work cut out!

I was whisked away to my aerospace days when my team was responsible for selling and implementing TQM to the various business units,. What was interesting about that experience was we did deliver the processes as promised, but never got management buy-in. Like an old dog that can’t learn new tricks, they never got behind it and it failed….SURPRISE!!!!

Needless to say, this company was the largest defense contractor in the world at the time and they no longer exist. Change needs to happen where it counts or this stuff will just be another gimmick that fails.


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