Let the Mobile Apps Game Begin! …or not!

HTML5 For Web Designers on the iPad

Image by adactio via Flickr

If  the release of html5 has anything to say about it, with standardized interface and some cool stuff that will allow us mobile peeps a more user friendly mobile experience no matter what smart-device option we prefer, it should open the floodgates to business mobile mania. Maybe this is why many businesses have held off on mobile implementation. If you are like me….when new technology arrives…I wait for the dust to settle before I jump on board because “newer” technology is usually right around the corner.

If you look at my IPhone you will see a few dozen apps, some of which get everyday use and others are more for show and amusement. So does this mean we are in the last generation of the third party plug-in app? My friends at Microsoft seem to think so. If HTML5 is all it’s cracked up to be I think we will all benefit from it. Especially eye doctors! My 24 in. screen converts to a 3.5 in. screen on the road. Hope you aren’t near-sighted!


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