How Is Your Twitteracy?

So many peeps online – so little time. Are you spending a vast majority of your time incubating, growing, and nurturing your social network? The social connective tissue before us is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced and truth be told…amassing our minions and reaching out to adoring fans, friends, and colleagues is easy-breezy, which is good news for those of us who are time management challenged. I personally fall into this category – maybe you do too. And like me you have discovered that tools like FaceBook and Linkedin have made networking challenges vastly more productive and personal.

But what to do with Twitter? Pretty basic stuff to set up and use, but “how” do I make the most of it? One word…ummmm, okay two words…it takes some Twitter literacy or Twitteracy. In other words, you need to understand the rules, etiquette, the “How to’s” and what it is and what it isn’t.  At first blush, Twitter may appear to be a platform or more appropriately worded a “stage” for the narcissistic personality type; those people that require a stage or professionals looking to back-link you to their blogs and websites. It might not feel as authentic as other platforms, say FaceBook…I have spoken to many who have characterized it thusly and maybe Twitter isn’t for everyone.

I recently became a Twitter user and am currently on the learning curve. In my mind, I envision it as more than just a gossip channel or hub for the gathering of social masses that are compelled to blurt banalities, criticisms, and ramblings about others whose social circles might well be out of reach otherwise.

It is a commitment that you have to make if you really want to tap into it’s potential and benefit from its power. The bottom line is…it’s NOT gonna happen overnight. There are some great free tools that you can use to help you hit the ground running. I use TweetBig which you can find it at: . A short video shows you some of the tools available – pretty slick especially if you are new and want to get up and running quickly. It takes some work and persistence but I found it to be worth the time.

It can feel like being the new kid at school if you were ever so unfortunate…so if you feel like your palms are sweaty and clammy, don’t be alarmed…it just means you’re normal.

Learn what it does and learn from others… that’s what I’m doing and soon you’ll be advising others like a pro. I would love to hear your Twitteracy experience, do’s and don’ts, helpful tips to the next wave of Twitter users. Best comment wins a Starbuck’s gift card. Thanks for your input!



    • Rudy Baca

      Thanks for the response. I think the real value comes when meaningful conversations shape into bigger ideas and/or action items. It’s happened to me many times on Twitter and I’ve met some cool peeps along the way.

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