Internet of Things not ready for prime time….but here’s a glance!

One word…standardization, well… it’s a big word I know but it is one we tend to visit frequently. Is it that we are slow learners? It does seem that way. Although there are complex issues – I would posit companies are vying for the golden egg experience…you know when a company reaches that status of going from a noun to a verb. At stake are millions and millions of dollars – however when it comes to smart devices some are smart and cool for sure but in terms of an actual ecosystem…bastardized, until we have standards harmony will not exist. One of the reasons I am watching closely but not taking seriously at the consumer level…it’s just not ready for prime time. As an ideator myself I know that the a path of better ideas exist with each iteration within the growth process – so until then we will have to be patient; but take a look at the slide-show from Pew Research of what the future of Internet of Things (IoT) might look like.

Source: PEW Research Mar. 29, 2016


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