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Social Media Marketing Fast Facts

Social Media Marketing and the Law of Attraction

If there is a way to sum up my thoughts on the social phenomenon at this stage is that “Herd Theory” works. As a marketing strategist guy I’ve listened to just about every known Social Media Marketing (SMM) expert and a common theme is echoing in my ears in terms of success in the social media marketing space. Common traits of the Social Media Marketing Rockstars I have listed in the following infographic and some quick Facebook, Twitter (which is in Pre-IPO status), LinkedIn, and the Blog power engine usage stats all provide powerful evidence that SMM is an important facet of any marketing plan.  To your success!



Fab 5 – News Du Jour!

Must Reads for the Savvy Business Owner


How much time do you spend down the information rabbit hole? Is it super easy to get lost or take off on a tangent?  If you are feeling a bit lost or not sure where to start in terms of utilizing info that will bring value to your business you are not alone.  Along with our Fab 5 top articles of the day, here are some tips that will help you get the most from your readings and stay atop the information deluge.

Research Tips

1. Relevance – there is a ton of fascinating research out there enough to bury Mt. Everest, however much of it may not add value to your business or be relevant to growing your customer base. When researching, be very specific and focused on relevant information. You may want to create a list of questions or create a template that can help guide your research.

2. Digest/Absorb – allow time to digest information, bring in others with different opinions, ideas, etc. and view from different angles. Truth is, a couple of articles on social media marketing does not an expert make. Jump in too early without a well thought out strategy, you may do more harm than good. Secondly, you have to learn what something is before you can decide if it meets the criteria for tip #1.

3. Know your customer/potential customer – Who are they? This is your Raison d’être. Deep dive and really get to know your customer and how they are evolving. Who is your listening and reading audience. Without having a good grasp of the “who”, Tip #1 will be a guessing game. With all the information available online the “see what sticks” marketing approach is a no win in today’s competitive marketplace.

We hope you enjoy these great articles

FAB 5 Articles of the Day

We would love to hear your comments on the information that you find most useful and insightful or just a good old pat on the back!

The 7 “Deadly” Digital Marketing Types (not really, for effect) – Which One Are You?

The 7 Digital Marketing Types from Optify

So which profile/type below describes you? Wait…let me ask this, how would your inner circle describe you? The infographic below might help identify your tendencies or shall we say obsessions in the digital marketing realm. Intervention…maybe? Did you chuckle when you ID’d yourself? I know I did. I fall into at least two categories. I do tend to share “loudly” and often so the megaphone profile seemed apropos however let me just say DATA WHIZ! (I’m yelling right now!) really is my Achilles heel. I am constantly hoarding data.


Data in the aggregate is coming at us in tidal waves (some even have really cool dashboards) and what I am hearing from business owners and marketing professionals alike is the difficulty in keeping pace and identifying the highest priority indicators relevant to the core marketing strategy. In other words extrapolating the key info that packs the most punch. Hence a clear strategy in place might alleviate some of the data clutter/chaos and may even stymie the nervous tic of your own “data whizzer(s)”.

I do often drop into webinars of marketing professionals to absorb and glean new and improved best practices, which also adds to my tool chest – however, following the #hashtags on Twitter I hear many a “snarky marketer” goings-on mid-web session to the point of distraction. I wonder who would be honest enough to fess up. So where do you fit in? Do you think these insights would be suggestive of findings we might expect on a self-assessment tool such as DISC Profile or Meyers-Briggs?

My Favorite Articles of the Week!

Now this is interesting – Is Social Media too Engaging for Its Own Good? See article here

Strategies to survive and thrive – You need to turn your company’s strategy into day-to-day actions –  see presentation

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Here is a pretty slick tool to help you organize -I frequently use project management methods and workflowy helps me flesh out and organize quicker than many tools I’ve tried. Check it out here!

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Articles of the Week

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Would love to hear your thoughts, insights, and experiences – so please share! Cheers!