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Social Media Marketing Fast Facts

Social Media Marketing and the Law of Attraction

If there is a way to sum up my thoughts on the social phenomenon at this stage is that “Herd Theory” works. As a marketing strategist guy I’ve listened to just about every known Social Media Marketing (SMM) expert and a common theme is echoing in my ears in terms of success in the social media marketing space. Common traits of the Social Media Marketing Rockstars I have listed in the following infographic and some quick Facebook, Twitter (which is in Pre-IPO status), LinkedIn, and the Blog power engine usage stats all provide powerful evidence that SMM is an important facet of any marketing plan.  To your success!



My Favorite Articles of the Week!

Now this is interesting – Is Social Media too Engaging for Its Own Good? See article here

Strategies to survive and thrive – You need to turn your company’s strategy into day-to-day actions –  see presentation

Looking for Facebook Resources? P.R. Pros’ Favorite Facebook Resources Revealed (allfacebook.com)

Here is a pretty slick tool to help you organize -I frequently use project management methods and workflowy helps me flesh out and organize quicker than many tools I’ve tried. Check it out here!

Biz Related

Articles of the Week

  • A simple approach to giving effective presentations. Nick Morgan’s concise and brief video at HBR.org is helpful for the beginning presenter and a reminder for the  expert as well! Create an Effective Presentation: See the video…
  • Achieving Social Media ROI seems to be the talk of the town, and I like these quick 7 Tips at Marketingprofs.com – note the focus on clear objectives. Read the article..
  • Thanks to the philosophy of online knowledge share (notice my blog is aptly named knowledge trader?), There are some great white papers and marketing reports available. Try the Unica Interactive Marketing Resource Center
  • Prefer something with that technical slant – I have found lots of helpful tips on the The IT Business Edge. Check out this article/slide show on Seven Leadership Skills CIO’s Need to Drive Results

Would love to hear your thoughts, insights, and experiences – so please share! Cheers!

How Is Your Twitteracy?

So many peeps online – so little time. Are you spending a vast majority of your time incubating, growing, and nurturing your social network? The social connective tissue before us is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced and truth be told…amassing our minions and reaching out to adoring fans, friends, and colleagues is easy-breezy, which is good news for those of us who are time management challenged. I personally fall into this category – maybe you do too. And like me you have discovered that tools like FaceBook and Linkedin have made networking challenges vastly more productive and personal. Continue reading